Vintage Wilton Armetale Tankard

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Lovely, solid Wilton Armetale tankard made in Pennsylvania. Marked with the encircled RWP (indicating Ralph Bud Wilton) and USA on the rim. Armetale is a unique, patented mixture of aluminum-based alloy metals and is ideal for beverages as it stays colder longer! This hand-crafted, molded, and durable stein has a fantastic patina finish and would be a beautiful addition to any home bar service. Found, with love, in Northern Kentucky.

History of the piece; The Wilton family started the Susquehanna Castings in 1892 across the street from the Stacy Wilton Lime Kiln Company. They utilized local iron ore deposits along the shallow river banks to make their products. Later, the company merged with the Wilton Brass Company in the 1960's and the company was presided over by Henry and Ralph (Bud) Wilton until it's close in 1989. Armetale was developed in 1963.

Vintage Wilton Armetale Tankard Vintage Wilton Armetale Tankard

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