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Vintage Williamsburg Pottery Salt Glaze Large Pitcher


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Vintage Pastel Blue Drip Glaze Ceramic Canister Set


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Vintage Molly Dallas Apple Tree Canister With Lid


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Vintage Hand-Crafted Colorful Ceramic Pot Set


Item collection 59cc5ec3 a60f 4605 b8b5 d6b29b9628ec

Vintage Lily of the Valley Nippon Moriage style ornate bowl


Item collection eb4b7789 4710 452e a7e4 de32ad6ec435

Vintage Cornwall Bridge Maple Syrup Pitcher


Item collection aa87a213 e9b8 4a7b 9ace e72cb72bd206

Very Rare Vintage Rowe Pottery Avignon Collection Dijon Pitcher and Canister


Item collection 1d7af4fa 4511 4584 a546 6d5b60f13b6e

Vintage Williamsburg Pottery Salt Glaze Small Pitcher


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